Christianity without formulas. imagine that.

Today’s post is a short interview with Ryan Miller, author of everything breathes, which just came out this month. Miller spent 10+ years creating video games, including the best sellers Myst and Riven, before taking his creativity to a different arena: the church world. He eventually started Branches in Spokane, WA in 2010. In addition to being [Read More...]

Reading the Old Testament: You Gotta Have Attitude

Christians do not read Scripture for mere historical interest. They read Scripture as members of Christ’s church as a book for Christ’s church, and so ask questions of significance, the nexus between “what it meant” and “what it means.” How one gets from then to now has in my experience proved to be a complex [Read More...]

I Just Realized: My Age x 100,000,000 = the Age of the Earth, Which is Ridiculous

What got me thinking about all this is the recent discovery in Egypt of the oldest known depiction of a pharaoh, dating to about 3000 BC. Which is quite old, I assure you. 5000 years ago is a long time–3000 years before Christ. I will be 52 in January, and, even given my limited math [Read More...]

Trying to Believe in God (or, listening to your inner atheist)

I think I know more people who are trying to believe in God than people who actually do. Maybe I need to get out more often, or maybe I need to have a less selective group of conversation partners, but this is my experience. You go through your day hoping to catch a glimpse of [Read More...]

Gunnar, Viking Theologian of the “Hanging God”

One of my favorite authors is Stephen Lawhead. His novels largely center on medieval themes with a tactful Christian undercurrent. Lawhead weaves together religious and secular themes in a way that forces one to look at the Christian faith outside of familiar language and trappings. His novel Byzantium is set in medieval Ireland and recounts the journeys of a young [Read More...]