that horrible church moment for us introverts when we have to….yuck…and what I learned about it today

I like 12 minute Episcopal homilies. No time for fooling around. Just get to the point. And since that point can show up at any time, I have to be paying attention. Paying attention to sermons is new for me. In the past my mind would often wander because my mind tends to do that [Read More…]

doing church without singing (or, getting out of our God-rut)

I like going to church at 7:45 a.m. That’s when St. Matthew’s Episcopal has its Rite I service, which is advertised as “quiet” and “traditional.” I like it because there are about 25 people there, and when you exchange the peace, you hit pretty much everybody. I like it because the service is 45 minutes [Read More…]