being certain of God–not our beliefs–is the mark of the spiritual life

The following was posted as “Gracious Uncertainty,” the daily reading (April 29) at My Utmost for His Highest (I made my own paragraph divisions). My Rector at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Dave Robinson, sent this to me. When you preach 12 minute homilies you’ve got extra time for passing on nice things like this. The text for [Read More…]

Greg Boyd on doubt and the Christian life–it’s unavoidable, biblical, and healthy

Today’s post is an interview with Greg Boyd over his most recent book Benefit of the Doubt: Breaking the Idol of Certainty. It was pleasure to read and I think many people will be helped by his approach—and I don’t mind saying he and I are on the same page on the heart of the matter [Read More…]

when God doesn’t make sense (exactly, yes, thank you, join the club)

My line of work brings me into contact with all sorts of Christian pilgrims on different stages of their journey. The fact that I’m not exactly sure what my line of work is is beside the point, still, for me there is something holy and at the same time deeply human when people feel the [Read More…]