Bilbo–I Mean, Adam–Was a Historical Person (and Ken Ham has a poster to prove it)

Before I get going here, I want to be crystal clear about something. I am not remotely interested in trying to change Ken Ham’s mind about Genesis. Nor am I trying to raid his flock and steal his sheep. But quite often he says things that are transparently wrong and highly misleading. My concern is [Read More…]

Would C. S. Lewis Have Joined the Discovery Institute? (3 guesses and the first 2 don’t count)

Over at The Biologos Forum, David Williams has begun a series on what C. S. Lewis thought about evolution, Genesis, myth, and how all this fits together for Christianity (Surprised by Jack: C.S. Lewis on Mere Christianity, the Bible, and Evolutionary Science, Part 1). Williams’s series is prompted by a recent publication of the Discovery Institute edited [Read More…]

A 7-Day Creation Story for the 21st Century: Is, pray, such a thing even possible? (answer below)

Problem: The 7-day creation story in Genesis 1 reflects outdated ways of thinking of the universe, but modern scientific models of creation have no soul. Solution: Write an updated version of the Genesis story from the vantage point of contemporary science. But is there such a thing? And if so, who is able (and nervy enough) to pull [Read More…]

Who Needs a Historical Prometheus…uh, I mean Adam?

A couple of weeks ago at Resurrecting Raleigh, David Williams posted on why he doesn’t need Adam to be historical. He begins–and what could be more obvious–by looking at a recent biography on Robert Oppenheimer (physicist working on the Manhattan Project) in which he is compared to Prometheus, the rebellious god who stole fire from Zeus. That gets Williams thinking: [Read More…]

“Ken Ham Clubs Baby Seals” (or, it may be time for him to rethink his ministry strategy)

I recently posted some thoughts on reading Genesis like an adult. Ken Ham disagreed, and so posted a response, “Peter Enns Wants Children to Reject Genesis.” Ham’s well-known chosen method of settling differences with Christians seems to be: attack first and ask questions, well, never. This is especially true when in comes to reading the creation story [Read More…]