the Bible’s diverse God–(from The Bible Tells Me So)

Looking to the Bible to find out what God is like seems like about the most obvious thing the Bible should hand you on a silver platter. But it doesn’t. You have to work for it. The God we meet there sometimes knows everything, and other times he’s stumped and trying to figure things out. [Read More…]

at the end of the day, when the dust settles, is the Creator of the universe actually really male?

no. [Short post, I know. Not sure what else to say after reading this, but three quick thoughts that if I have to explain it wouldn’t help: (1) Understand metaphorical language; (2) Understand antiquity; (3) Use your imagination.] [Read more…]

Einstein: God is Good at Math, but the Bible is “Pretty Childish” (and what I would say to him about that)

In yesterday’s Atlantic, a story appeared about a letter Albert Einstein wrote, now up for auction, wherein he expressed himself on his religious beliefs. To summarize: God as a super mind behind the universe, thumbs up; the Bible, well… not so much. The bidding started at $3,000,000 (or roughly what Alex Rodriguez makes hitting .133 in an [Read More…]