Reading John: An Interview with Christopher Skinner

Today’s post is an interview with Christopher Skinner, whose book Reading John came out last month. 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey. I am currently Associate Professor of Religion at the University of Mount Olive and Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at East Carolina [Read More…]

updating Jesus as times change: hey, it’s in the Bible

The idea that God was “updated” is not restricted to the OT, a topic we’ve looked at in several recent posts, focusing on the work of Mark S. Smith (begin here with several follow up posts). Smith’s work suggests that post-exilic priest-scribes revised and edited older traditions in order to contemporize God as new circumstances and challenges arose. In this post, [Read More…]

Would Jesus get hired to teach an Old Testament seminary course today?

Jesus certainly had an interesting way of handling his Bible in debates with the religious leaders of his day. One of these is found in John 10:34-36. Jesus is in the temple and he is getting grilled by “the Jews”–John’s less than delicate way of referring to the religious elite who opposed Jesus, which obscures [Read More…]