Is Christianity a Tribalistic Religion? Sort of looks that way.

At GospelFutures, Neil Williams continues his posts on the gospel and relational transformation by asking Does Christianity promote tribalism? Note Williams doesn’t ask whether Jesus or the New Testament promote tribalism. They don’t. He is asking whether Christianity does. The answer seems to be “yes” Note, too, what Williams means by “tribalism”:  not any claim to exclusivism, but [Read More…]

Rethinking Sin and Heretics? Neil Williams Says “Yes”

Read before you judge….. Over at GospelFutures, Williams suggests thinking of sin as “relational failure.” Sure, this is not exactly how Christians have thought of sin in the past, but, “Sin has a varied history. The way people have understood sin has changed over time. Views on sin have morphed according to the culture and [Read More…]

Does Jesus Have Anything to Say about How We Relate to Others (and is anybody going to listen?)

Over at GospelFutures, Neil Williams (D.Th., University of South Africa and author of The Maleness of Jesus: Is It Good News for Women?) has begun a new book project Chasing the Wind: The Quest for Relational Transformation. The issue, in a nutshell, is how the life and message of Jesus can be truly transformative in our relationships. No this [Read More…]

GospelMemes? What are they? Are they legal? And how much does it cost to feed them?

All kidding aside, over at GospelFutures, my buddy Peter Kress is starting a discussion on what he calls GospelMemes. Working off of his own spiritual journey, Kress wants to invite others, to participate with me in a process of assessment, query and discovery with the goal to find ways to explain, confess, express and seek gospel [Read More…]

Why Privilege the Christian Story Among all Other Stories?

At GospelFutures, Neil Williams’s next post is up on the power of story for providing coherence for the human drama. He addressed “Why Story” in his previous post. Today he looks at the Christian story specifically. As far back as we have written records, humans have used stories to figure out their world and to [Read More…]