“Dear Christian leaders: Please laugh at yourself now and then.” {God}

In his book Between Heaven and Mirth: Why Joy, Humor, and Laughter Are at the Heart of the Spiritual Life, Fr. James Martin talks about the role of humor in the life of the saints–though using “humor” and “saints” in the same sentence might seem counterintuitive to many of us. He recounts the exploits of [Read More…]

Driving Through San Francisco: I Am Better Than You

I recently spent a weekend in San Francisco. I was asked to come speak for a couple of days to a group of lay leaders about the Bible. I like going to different cities, seeing new places–or at least different places–a chance to get out of my south eastern Pennsylvania rut. I took a taxi. [Read More…]

Is it Possible for Christian Institutions to be Followers of Jesus? (Don’t rush me, I’m thinking)

This past Friday, Dr. Harold Heie (pronounced “high”) spoke to the Eastern University community on “Creating a Welcoming Space for Respectful Conversation about Controversial Issues” (part of the Windows on the World series). The auditorium was overflowing. Heie is known for finding ways for Christians to talk about difficult topics. In fact he has an entire website [Read More…]