3 Reasons Human Jesus is Important

by Jared Byas This week Christians celebrate the crazy idea that God became human. While affirming this in theory, my evangelical upbringing was very uncomfortable with the idea of Human Jesus. We had to admit Jesus was human but that didn’t mean we had to like it. After all, God Jesus is where the magic [Read More…]

Is Tony Campolo a Bad Parent According to Proverbs?

by Jared Byas Last week Tony Campolo wrote about his son’s new position as humanist chaplain at the University of Southern California. What was most disheartening for me was this sentence: “Since that Christianity Today article, several of my evangelical friends have quoted Proverbs 22:6, contending that scripture validates the claim that if I had taught [Read More…]

“aha” moments (19): Jared Byas

Today’s post is part of our continuing yet intermittent “aha” moment series, this from Jared Byas. Byas (BA in Philosophy from Liberty University and an MAR from Westminster Theological Seminary) was in pastoral ministry from 2004 until 2011. He then left to teach Philosophy & Ethics at Grand Canyon University and co-launch MyOhai, a collective of creatives and [Read More…]

POD of GFNP coming ADN

That got your attention. The Print on Demand version of our e-book Genesis for Normal People: A Guide to the Most Controversial, Misunderstood, and Abused Book of the Bible will be available via Amazon any day now. Jared Byas and I will be sure to announce it as soon as Amazon lets us know (or you can check periodically yourself). They have had the completed file since Saturday and [Read More…]

“Genesis for Normal People” Coming out in Real Live Book Form Very, Very Soon (like really soon)

Herewith is the official announcement that Genesis for Normal People: A Guide to the Most Controversial, Misunderstood, and Abused Book of the Bible, which now includes a study guide for group leaders, will be available in print through Amazon by the end of September, and likely earlier. We are currently working on some final printing issues, [Read More…]