did Jesus know everything?

Last week I read a little book by New Testament scholar Raymond E. Brown Jesus: God and Man. It’s a short little book, 2 chapters in fact, each of which first appeared in journals in the mid-1960s, about the time I was going to first grade with my Monkees lunch box. In the first chapter, [Read More…]

The Need for a More Christlike God: An Interview with Brad Jersak

Today’s post is an interview with Brad Jersak, author of A More Christlike God, which came out last week. The book, with a foreword by Brian Zahnd, is about how replacing whatever image of God we have with a more Christlike image of God is central to the Gospel being truly good news. ​Brad Jersak [Read More…]

3 Reasons Human Jesus is Important

by Jared Byas This week Christians celebrate the crazy idea that God became human. While affirming this in theory, my evangelical upbringing was very uncomfortable with the idea of Human Jesus. We had to admit Jesus was human but that didn’t mean we had to like it. After all, God Jesus is where the magic [Read More…]

Forgetting Jesus–a Christmas resolution

A few years ago, 10 perhaps, I was at an academic conference that featured a debate of sorts on the resurrection of Christ between N. T. Wright and John Dominic Crossan, well-known scholar of early Christianity. I say “debate of sorts” because I think the evening was billed to be a dual between Wright and the [Read More…]

Getting Jesus Right: 2 Quick Comments on Week 4 of “The Bible” on the History Channel

Bottom line, I think the New Testament is being handled a lot better than the Old. Here are two thoughts on the last episode. 1. A young adult I know was watching the last episode with a few of her friends. One friend, a young man, who wasn’t churched or familiar with the Bible, said, [Read More…]