A Calvinist learns from Catholics how to be a better Calvinist–part 2 in a series

Today’s post is the second of 2 by Dr. Chuck DeGroat in his series Reformed and Contemplative: Discovering Both 16th Century Reformations. The first post is here. DeGroat is the author of Leaving Egypt: Finding God in the Wilderness Places, and co-founder and senior fellow at the Newbigin House of Studies, a partnership between City Church San Francisco (where he has served as a teaching pastor) and Western Theological Seminary (where [Read More…]

Is Kent Sparks a Renegade When it Comes to the Bible? Nah, not Really.

In chapter 6 of Sacred Word, Broken Word: Biblical Authority and the Dark Side of Scripture, Sparks makes the following point: what he says about the Bible is not all that different from what others have said in the history of the church, even if he puts things his own way and applies them to different issues. Citing John Wesley, “if the literal sense [Read More…]

Was John Calvin a Closet, Wolf-in-Sheep’s-Clothing, Liberal Gospel Higher Critic?

Now that I’ve got your attention, David Williams has a great post on John Calvin and how he looked at the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 and the parallel account in Luke 6, the Sermon on the Plain. Apparently, Calvin had no patience–zero–with those who argued that these are two separate intact speeches [Read More…]