The Bible is the center of the Christian faith (and don’t assume you know what I mean by that)

John Franke gave a lecture to the Eastern University community yesterday entitled “Progressive Evangelical Theology: Nature, Promise, and Prospects.” If you don’t know who Franke is, please email me the address of the rock you live under and I will make sure you get caught up. Briefly, Franke is the Executive Director and Professor of Missional [Read More…]

Inerrancy: I think someone forgot to tell the Bible

The Bible is the book of God for the people of God. It reveals and conceals; is clear, yet complex; open to all, but impossible to master. It is, from beginning to end, a product of the cultures that produced it, and still able to comfort and convict across cultures and across time. It is [Read More…]

“The Bible is Diverse Because Life Is”: Rachel Held Evans Continues her Review of “Inspiration and Incarnation”

Yesterday Rachel continued her discussion of my book, Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament (Baker, 2005). Here she focuses on chapter 3, “The Old Testament and Theological Diversity.” Rachel has done a great job getting to the heart of my book, understanding it, and explaining it to others. If you want a good, [Read More…]

Interview on Young Evangelicals in The Christian Post

While I was in Chicago earlier this month speaking at the Pastorum conference, I was interviewed by The Christian Post on my take on young Evangelicals and how they are processing their faith. (“Young Evangelicals” is simply commonly used short hand for recurring generational restlessness within Evangelicalism. It is not to imply that one need be “young” [Read More…]