my interview with Andy Gill on millennials and religion (with the tour option)

Oh Lord, how I hate seeing myself on video. Nevertheless. Below I have embedded a 25-minute interview I did last week with Andy Gill, “Pete Enns on Millennials and Religion.” Andy transcribed some highlights on his site, so be sure to go there, too. As you can see there, or by listening here, we covered [Read More…]

“Where was God when my brother was freezing to death on Mt. Hood?”

Three years ago in Christianity Today, Frank James wrote about his brother Kelly’s death in 2006 while mountain climbing in Oregon. Since June of this year, James is president of Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield, PA, not 5 miles from I sit typing this in my home office. Given our close proximity, I took upon myself to [Read More…]

Honor Your Head, Don’t Live In It. (or, I Think I’m a Protestant)

I think I am a Protestant. I’ve spent my entire Christian life, since childhood, as a Protestant, but I got tired of it. I tried being nothing for a while, but that didn’t work. I tried being anything else, too, but that didn’t work either. So, I think I am a Protestant. It seems to [Read More…]

recovering from inerrancy in the second half of life

I met an old friend for lunch yesterday. He was, once upon a time, firmly ensconced in a career in the ueber-conservative world of “Evangelical orthodoxy”–and he actually had a pretty good gig. He left because of inerrancy. He could not square that non-negotiable pillar of the evangelical system with (1) how the Bible behaves [Read More…]

I’m pretty sure God’s isn’t a helicopter parent

Ours is the generation of parents who hover over our children to help insulate them from failure and insure their “success” in life. But, as the previous generation’s parents will tell us, good parenting isn’t about plugging in the right coordinates to insure children arrive at the right spot, or protecting them from failure and [Read More…]