Hurtado reviews Wright’s Paul

For those interested, here is a link to Larry Hurtado’s blog where you can find another link to Hurtado’s somewhat appreciative yet largely critical review of N. T. Wright’s massive work Paul and the Faithfulness of God. Which leads me to my morning prayer: Lord, may I have the wisdom never to walk into the [Read More…]

The Ten Commandments of How Jesus Wants You to Fire a Colleague

I wanted to follow up a bit on my recent post citing Larry Hurtado’s prophetic denouncement of the increasingly common acts of injustice toward Christian faculty members. The following are reasonable parameters to follow when administrations find themselves, for whatever reason, at odds with a colleague, who is also a brother or sister in Christ. 1. Christian colleges and [Read More…]

Larry Hurtado on “Academic Injustice and Shameful Cowardice” in Christian Academia

Larry Hurtado (internationally recognized scholar of New Testament and Christians origins and recently retired from the University of Edinburgh) posted today a hard-hitting commentary on the current state of Christian academic institutions, where administrators shoot their faculty first and ask questions later, or not at all. Hurtado has become quite exasperated at the unreasonable and dictatorial manner in which good scholars are [Read More…]