Evolution, Evangelicals, and their Bible (Or, Dealing with How God Rolls)

[The following is adapted from the conclusion of The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Human Origins and is seriously modified for blog consumption.] Why is there such tension between evangelicals and evolution? The real problem isn’t evolution. There is a deeper problem: evangelicals tend to expect from the Bible [Read More…]

More Recurring Mistakes in the Adam/Evolution Discussion (2)

We continue today with three more recurring mistakes in the Adam/evolution discussion. Both Paul and the writer of Genesis thought Adam was a real person, the first man. Denying the historicity of Adam means you think you know better than the biblical writers. As with the issues we looked at in my last post, phasing [Read More…]

Al Mohler, Adam, Evolution, and NPR (final)

Today, in my final post in this series, we will look at three more problematic assertions in Al Mohler’s NPR interview. As I mentioned in my last post, my responses are sketches, not complete–although I do get in much more detail in The Evolution of Adam. My last post also supplies links to the audio [Read More…]

Al Mohler, Adam, and Evolution on NPR

In my last three posts (the first is here), we looked at Al Mohler’s understanding of the relationship between science and Christianity. The heart of the matter is Mohler’s notion of “apparent age”—that the universe looks billions of years old but is in fact only about 6000 years old, as the Bible says. Today, we [Read More…]

Al Mohler’s Theory of “Apparent Age”: Two More Problems

In my last post we looked at one problem with Mohler’s theory that the cosmos was created to look billions of years old but is really only about 6000 years old (“apparent age”): It is an arbitrary solution that makes the facts fit the theory. Today we will look at two more problems. The world [Read More…]