The Deeper Scandal of the Evangelical Mind: We Are Not Allowed to Use It

Mark Noll’s 1995 book  The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind hit a raw nerve when he declared “The scandal of the evangelical mind is that there is not much of an evangelical mind.” He argued that Evangelical scholarship had a minimal presence in doing serious academic research, and that they need to–and can–do better. His followup book in [Read More...]

Evangelicals Critiquing other Evangelicals for Shoddy Scholarship

Over on his blog Brick by Brick, David Williams is engaging a great question: Should evangelicals expend so much energy critiquing other evangelicals or should they focus more on defending the faith against movements hostile to Christianity, like secularism or scientism? I think that’s a great question, one I ask myself periodically. Williams has given this issue serious thought [Read More...]

C. S. Lewis on Evolution: It’s Sort of a British Thing

Yesterday’s post by David Williams takes a look at C. S. Lewis and what he had to say about evolution. Those familiar with Lewis’s writings will already be on board, though David points out a some things I think many will be interested in. David’s post illustrates something I have come across on my own in interactions [Read More...]