Were David Koresh and the Branch Dividians Guilty of Plagiarism?

NPR ran a story today marking the 20th anniversary of the Branch Davidian standoff and tragic fire that resulted in 80 deaths, including women and children. I was in the throes of my doctoral dissertation in 1993, which means I was out of touch with the normal everyday habits of most humans–like keeping up with the [Read More…]

Good News: King Jesus is in the House

Recently, David Williams posted his next piece in his series “What is the Gospel?” My comments and links to William’s previous posts on this topic are here and here. I sense that some readers still feel that Williams is asking a dumb question. “What is the gospel? It’s about how you get saved, silly.” What Williams [Read More…]

Did Paul Have a High View of Scripture?

Yes, of course he did. He was a Jew trained in the traditions of his people. In fact, he had such a high view of scripture, for a while there he was trying to put to death those annoying Christ-followers who undermined it. That high view of scripture was not abandoned when Paul became a follower of [Read More…]