Theological Growth: Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Theological growth is like renovating your house. You think your 120 year-old Victorian is rock solid, the envy of the neighborhood, though maybe needing a touch up here and there. Until an expert builder does a walk through–and what he finds isn’t pretty. One side of the house is resting on a cracking foundation. You couldn’t [Read More…]

Speaking of Culture Wars: Evangelicals and the Bible (Again)

Today, Rachel Held Evans posted on how Christian culture wars may be winning battles but losing a generation. Younger Christians are growing tired of having the Good News defined by their leaders going into default battle mode whenever a controversial social or political issue comes up. I agree with Rachel’s observation, and it struck me immediately that it [Read More…]

Thinking too Hard Will Change What You Believe (And That’s a Good Thing).

“The scholar never fully knows in advance where his line of thought will lead him. For the Christian to undertake scholarship is to undertake a course of action that may lead him into the painful process of revising his actual Christian commitments, sorting through his beliefs, and discarding some from a position where they can [Read More…]