now that I’ve actually seen the movie, 16 random, non-spoiler, thoughts on “Noah”

After saying in my last post that I would probably wait to see Noah until it comes out on video, I went and saw it anyway because so many people were telling me things like, “Dude, you HAVE to see this movie; it’s epic” etc. So I went with my wife Sue on Saturday. General comment: IMAX [Read More…]

my spot on editorial on a movie I haven’t seen (or, OMG “NOAH” GETS THE BIBLE WRONG!!)

I’m sure I’ll see Noah soon enough. Maybe when it comes out on video. I’m sure I’ll like parts of it and not like other parts. And I am absolutely sure it will get the biblical very, very wrong. And I don’t care. Didn’t we just go through all this? I feel I should be [Read More…]