And Brief (and let’s hope final, but If I know me probably not) Comment on God’s Violence in the Old Testament

I’ve been writing some posts lately, beginning here, about God’s violence in the Old Testament, especially toward the Canaanites. I don’t mean to beat a dead horse (pardon the violent metaphor), and I am certainly not pressing the issue because I am bored and don’t know what to do with myself. I am taking the time to talk about God’s violence [Read More...]

Absolutely the Most Important Chapter in the Entire Bible

Don’t you hate blog posts that start like this, with such an exaggerated claim? So do I. Oh well. I could have said this post will make you rich and famous, but I’m holding back. Still, there is one chapter, in the New Testament, that I think is majorly huge–without it Christianity as we know [Read More...]

Walter Brueggemann and Scripture as Counter-Imagination to the Empires of Man

This past weekend I took part in a conference at St. Thomas’s Episcopal Church in Whitemarsh, PA, sponsered by St. Thomas and the Center for Biblical Studies and by a generous gift from the Philadelphia Theological Insitute. The conference was on Making Sense of the Old Testament. The main speaker was Old Testament theologian Walter [Read More...]