when God is unfaithful

Last week I attended a lecture on Psalms by Walter Brueggemann at Wayne Presbyterian Church here in suburban Philadalphia. Part of his talk dealt with what he called “God’s infidelity”–those times when God does not come through, or seem to come through, on what he promised, or otherwise acts in ways that are inconsistent with what we [Read More…]

Learn about the Cultural Background to the Bible (with pictures and everything)

In 2009, Zondervan released the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary. The Old Testament portion of this set is a massive 5-volume, 3000+ page, hard cover boxed set that cost about as much as my first car. (The New Testament set is a mere 4 volumes.) The dilemma is that this heavy and expensive set (about [Read More…]

Trying to Believe in God (or, listening to your inner atheist)

I think I know more people who are trying to believe in God than people who actually do. Maybe I need to get out more often, or maybe I need to have a less selective group of conversation partners, but this is my experience. You go through your day hoping to catch a glimpse of [Read More…]

David Williams on C. S. Lewis and a Very Human Bible

David Williams, my friend and campus minister for InterVarsity in a state that is the epicenter of ACC basketball, recently ran–without my realizing it–an amazing series on C. S. Lewis on his blog resurrecting raleigh. David goes deeper than I do here, and I think you’ll like what he has to say. Here are the links to his [Read More…]