“Cosmos” and Christianity (or any religion, for that matter)

Like many of you, I watched the entire FOX series Cosmos for the last several weeks and which concluded this past Sunday. More than once I found myself in stunned awe of the incomprehensibly huge and old universe we live in, and how much science has been able to learn about it. I felt the [Read More…]

Not All Homeschoolers Think Adam Had a Pet Dinosaur, Which is Good

Last week, The Atlantic posted a very balanced online article, “Old Earth, Young Minds: Evangelical Homeschoolers Embrace Evolution.” The gist is that homeschooling parents are turning to mainstream science for their children’s science education and doing their best to take care of the theological side of things themselves. Homeschoolers are not anti-cultural isolationists trying to [Read More…]

10 “I-Can’t-Believe-What-I’m Reading” Lessons from Creationist-Inspired Textbooks

A couple of days ago, PBS.org posted an article, “10 Interesting Lessons from Creationist-Inspired Textbooks.” The article providers quotes from various textbooks to illustrate the point. The article ends with a short video of examples from the A Beka Book and Bob Jones University Press curricula. A couple of thoughts. First, I can understand if some creationists [Read More…]