A 7-Day Creation Story for the 21st Century: Is, pray, such a thing even possible? (answer below)

Problem: The 7-day creation story in Genesis 1 reflects outdated ways of thinking of the universe, but modern scientific models of creation have no soul. Solution: Write an updated version of the Genesis story from the vantage point of contemporary science. But is there such a thing? And if so, who is able (and nervy enough) to pull [Read More…]

Jesus, Women, and the Universe (and it all hangs on the Yankees)

I received recently advance copies of three books that look pretty darn interesting. I intend to get to these books and review them here—as soon as I free up some time, which is to say, as soon as the Yankees win the World Series, or, should they lose, as soon as I am released from the hospital. [Read More…]