On God, Shooting Children, and Still Having no Answers

I posted this a year ago. I haven’t gotten remotely closer to wrapping my head around it, and so I am reposting today.  Who cares what I think about all this. I’m not really sure if I care what I think about all this. I didn’t sleep well last night and I woke up sad and unsettled. For some [Read More…]

Rob Bell, Oprah, and N. T. Wright. Yeah, you heard me.

Just yesterday on The Revangelical Blog, Brandan Robertson posted on Rob Bell teaming up with Oprah. Apparently, she sees Bell as a spiritual mentor of sorts along with a number of others that strike a nerve with her. Predictably, the internet equivalent of a switchboard is lighting up like the bombing of Dunkirk–and if I had [Read More…]

Honor Your Head, Don’t Live In It. (or, I Think I’m a Protestant)

I think I am a Protestant. I’ve spent my entire Christian life, since childhood, as a Protestant, but I got tired of it. I tried being nothing for a while, but that didn’t work. I tried being anything else, too, but that didn’t work either. So, I think I am a Protestant. It seems to [Read More…]

Losing My Religion (At Least That’s the Plan)

On the spiritual journey, the message is always to you. The message is always telling you to change. Now, what most religious people do is they use religion to try to change other people. It’s always someone else that needs changing. No. Stop it. Once and for all. Whatever happens in your life is a [Read More…]

Honesty in the Journey (or On the Raising of Young Heretics)

Nearly twenty years ago, my oldest was six years old. One of our bedtime routines was a brief Bible reading. One evening we found ourselves in the Garden of Eden story—Adam and Eve, a piece of fruit, and a snake with vocal chords. As I read, my son kept sighing, as if impatient with my [Read More…]