experience teaches us to be radically undogmatic

As Gadamer puts it, “The truth of experience always contains an orientation towards new experiences.  The perfection of this experience, the perfect form of what we call ‘experienced,’ does not consist in the fact that someone already knows everything and knows better than anyone else. “Rather the experienced person proves to be, on the contrary, someone who is radically undogmatic; who, because of [Read More...]

Eucharist: a wedding table decorated with a cross instead of a cake

While the Eucharist has always been a consoling mystery with an ecstatic, mystical language surrounding it (such as “Happy are those who are called to the wedding feast of the lamb,” Revelation 19:7-9), it has also been clothed in the language of suffering, blood, and death. It makes clear the connection that the mystics always confirm: [Read More...]

North Korea and a reminder to western Christians

Each year my New Testament intro students watch a one hour video of N. T. Wright explaining the Gospel in a lecture entitled “Kingdom and Cross: The Forgotten Message of the Gospel.” Wright uses an analogy of four “speakers” in four corners of the room that need to be balanced so the entire musical score [Read More...]

“Where was God when my brother was freezing to death on Mt. Hood?”

Three years ago in Christianity Today, Frank James wrote about his brother Kelly’s death in 2006 while mountain climbing in Oregon. Since June of this year, James is president of Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield, PA, not 5 miles from I sit typing this in my home office. Given our close proximity, I took upon myself to [Read More...]

Worshiping God because he is God: some thoughts on Job by Choon-Leong Seow

I recently asked Dr. Choon-Leong Seow, Henry Snyder Gehman Professor of Old Testament Language and Literature at Princeton Theological Seminary, if he would answer a few questions about his most recent commentary, Job 1-21: Interpretation and Commentary. He’s just getting started, you know, so I thought I’d try to give hime some exposure and help him [Read More...]