are the Genesis flood genealogies literal? (Lamoureux on genealogies part 3)

Today we continue with part 3 of a 6-part audio-slide series by Denis Lamoureux on biblical genealogies. The Sumerian King List has long been understood to offer insight into the long lifespans of the the pre- and post-flood characters in Genesis 5 and 11. Here, Lamoureux lays it all out in about a dozen slides and 9 [Read More…]

what are biblical genealogies and what do they do? (guest series by Denis Lamoureux)

Today we begin a 6-part audio-slide series by Denis Lamoureux on the always gripping, never boring, live-changing topic of all those “begats” in the Bible, a.k.a., biblical genealogies. Stop rolling your eyes. Actually, in my experience, genealogies–what they are and how they function in the Bible–is about as commonly misunderstood as any biblical genre. As Lamoureux puts it, “Most [Read More…]