Getting Jesus Right: 2 Quick Comments on Week 4 of “The Bible” on the History Channel

Bottom line, I think the New Testament is being handled a lot better than the Old. Here are two thoughts on the last episode. 1. A young adult I know was watching the last episode with a few of her friends. One friend, a young man, who wasn’t churched or familiar with the Bible, said, [Read More…]

How I Would Have Plotted Out “The Bible” Series on the The History Channel Had I Been Asked (and I wasn’t)

O.K., let’s try to be constructive here. I’m not crazy about the TV series “The Bible” on the History Channel, but neither am I losing sleep over it, and I’m sure plenty of people are enjoying it, learning from it, etc. But, had I been asked what should and shouldn’t be covered, here’s how I [Read More…]

Q: What Do Roma Downey and Writers of the Bible Have In Common? A: Neither Sticks to the Script.

There’s been a lot of slamming of “The Bible” TV series on the History Channel the past couple of weeks–some of it by me (and here)–but let’s come at this from another angle, shall we? First, Roma Downey and company give a clear disclaimer at the beginning of each episode that they have adapted the Bible, with [Read More…]

Dear Lord, Please Make the Commercials Stop (or, my thoughts on week 2 of “The Bible” on The History Channel)

Can we declare holy war on the commercials? doesn’t elevate dating to holy heights by bringing God into the picture. It belittles God because it uses him to try to baptize what amounts to an online version of The Bachelor. The whole concept of God taking time out from his busy schedule to [Read More…]

“The Bible” on the History Channel: Not the Absolute Train Wreck I Thought it Would Be

I’m not a big fan of seeing the Bible depicted in film. The biblical narratives have a lot holes in the storyline. To adapt the Bible to film, you have to invent dialogue, whole scenes, and compress other scenes to keep the story going. The locus classicus for this sort of thing is the granddaddy of [Read More…]