no, really, I’m not self-absorbed–but read this about me anyway

I am posting below–anonymously and with permission–(1) an Amazon review of TBTMS and (2) an email I received the same day. Both say nice things about me, but that’s not my point (believe me or not). (And if you’re still annoyed, remember that plenty of people say bad things about me, so it balances out.) I’m posting them [Read More...]

my interview with Brian McLaren (part 1)

Today is the first of three installments of my interview with Brian McLaren. He asked me three questions about my book The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It (which, I can’t remember, I may have mentioned once or twice over the last few weeks). In turn, we thought [Read More...]

MUUUUUUch better, Barnes and Noble

I’m not sure how, really, but somehow between yesterday and this evening my books got turned cover out. And notice there is one fewer than yesterday, so I am assuming it was purchased and not needed as a doorstop as they wheeled in the Joel Osteen books (he gets a whole shelf of cover out books [Read More...]

OK…Not Bad, Barnes and Noble

Earlier today, “I just happened to be passing by” Barnes and Noble, so I wandered in to see if The Bible Tells Me So would be prominently displayed. And here it is, in the Christianity section, a few feet away from romance novels and sports biographies: I never had a book shelved in a normal (non-college/seminary) bookstore, [Read More...]

the Bible is like clay to be molded around Jesus–(from The Bible Tells Me So)

More than any other writer of the New Testament, the apostle Paul transforms Israel’s story—beyond even where Jesus and the Gospel writers took it. A centerpiece of Paul’s letters is that the Good News of the Jewish messiah Jesus is for everyone, and by everyone he means Jews and Gentiles. Paul argued that Gentiles could [Read More...]