Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Handling Theological Disagreement I Learned in Kindergarten

1. Don’t gang up on anyone. 2. Don’t be a bully. 3. Don’t scream or throw a tantrum. 4. Don’t make fun of anyone. 5. Don’t make up lies to get your way. 6. Don’t try to make others look foolish. 7. Don’t say things when you are angry. 8. Don’t say things when you [Read More…]

When Cute Little Bunnies Talk Theology

Though himself neither cute nor a bunny, my friend James McGrath over at Exploring Our Matrix has posted this ever-so-cute response to creationism by the two ever-so-cutest stuffed bunnies you’ll ever want to see. Of course, the point of this bunny dialogue is applicable not just to creationism but to other issues of theological disagreement where the familiarity and safety of [Read More…]

What You Say Seems Strange to Us, So You Are Wrong and You Must Die

I grabbed today’s post, with full permission, from the blog of Craig Vick, a pastor, who is a great guy, and I base that judgment on the fact that he and I agree on some things. Which brings me to today’s post. You’ll figure it out immediately, but for those few of you who, like [Read More…]