You and I Have a Different God, I Think

I’ve been watching the Adam and evolution debates/discussions on line, in social media, and in print. I think I am beginning to see more clearly what accounts for the deeply held, visceral, differences of opinion about whether Adam was the first man or whether Adam is a story. The reason for the differences is not simply that people have [Read More...]

Theological Growth: Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Theological growth is like renovating your house. You think your 120 year-old Victorian is rock solid, the envy of the neighborhood, though maybe needing a touch up here and there. Until an expert builder does a walk through–and what he finds isn’t pretty. One side of the house is resting on a cracking foundation. You couldn’t [Read More...]

Is the Bible Really Enough for Christian Theology? No (and the Bible Says So)

In chapter 11 of his book Sacred Word, Broken Word: Biblical Authority and the Dark Side of Scripture, Kent Sparks tackles the question of whether our Christian theology should be limited to the Bible. In the opening paragraph (p. 118) Sparks says “no,” that we must “move beyond Scripture’s discourse” and attend to other “voices”–four in [Read More...]

What’s the REAL Problem with No Historical Adam, Really?

I’ve read a lot of responses to my book Evolution of Adam, The: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Human Origins and nearly all, supportive, critical, and in between, have something to say that is worth listening to. But few are nailing the problem that a non-historical reading, or at least a non-first [Read More...]

Creating the Bible in Our Image of God (or vice-versa?)

I suppose that title is a bit confusing. What I mean is this: what we think of God can be seen in what we expect of the Bible as God’s Word. Here is one example. If your vision of God is primarily (not exclusively) of a sovereign king, enthroned above, who communicates to his subjects through written decrees [Read More...]