Is Evangelicalism a 6th Grade Version of Mature Christianity?

Peter Traben Haas, former evangelical and now senior pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) in Waterloo, Iowa, recently posted at Contemplative Christians his reflections on evangelicalism, Seven Steps to Leaving “Evangelical Christianity” without Losing Your Faith. Haas is also the author of The God Who is Here: A Contemplative Guide to Transforming Your Relationship with God and the [Read More…]

You Know, Maybe the Problem Isn’t Always the Other Guy (or Thomas Keating, Richard Rohr, and Pete Enns Walk into a Sweat Lodge)

In the spiritual life, there aren’t too many absolutes I can make, but this is certainly one. On the spiritual journey, the message is always to you. The message s always telling you to change. Now, what most people do is they use religion to try to change other people. It’s always someone else that needs [Read More…]