a random thought on being shapers of our theological traditions

Taking seriously our embodiment as finite and as situated within a particular space and time means that we are all inevitably placed somewhere within an unfolding historical and cultural tradition and that thinking we are able to attain a universal and timeless understanding through the exercise of critical reasoning is illusory. We are both shaped by tradition and shapers of [Read More…]

Theological Growth: Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Theological growth is like renovating your house. You think your 120 year-old Victorian is rock solid, the envy of the neighborhood, though maybe needing a touch up here and there. Until an expert builder does a walk through–and what he finds isn’t pretty. One side of the house is resting on a cracking foundation. You couldn’t [Read More…]

Tradition: It’s not an anchor to weigh you down but a sail to move you forward

I came across this blog post, now over 3 years old, while meandering through the internet this morning. The point is made so succinctly  and expresses so well my own thinking, I wanted to post it to see what you think. The author is Fr. Ted Bobosh, a priest at St. Paul the Apostle Church, Dayton, [Read More…]

The Ten Commandments of How Jesus Wants You to Fire a Colleague

I wanted to follow up a bit on my recent post citing Larry Hurtado’s prophetic denouncement of the increasingly common acts of injustice toward Christian faculty members. The following are reasonable parameters to follow when administrations find themselves, for whatever reason, at odds with a colleague, who is also a brother or sister in Christ. 1. Christian colleges and [Read More…]