“We are all heroes of our own stories”: interview with Brandon Withrow on academic freedom in evangelicalism

Today’s post is an interview with Brandon Withrow, who teaches religious studies at the University of Findlay, about his latest book Consider No Evil: Two Faith Traditions and the Problem of Academic Freedom in Religious Higher Education (co-authored with Menachem Wecker). Withrow and Wecker examine seminaries affiliated with two faith traditions–Christian and Jewish–and explore the challenges, as well as prospective solutions, confronting [Read More…]

Raymond B. Dillard, 1944-1993: A Brief Remembrance

20 years ago tomorrow I was on my way out the door to go apple picking with my family on a New England fall day. As I was walking out the door, the phone rang. My friend and former seminary professor, Al Groves, was calling to tell me that Ray Dillard, professor of Old Testament, [Read More…]