The Welcoming Prayer

I want to share with you a little contemplative tool with a big impact: the Welcoming Prayer. What’s your first impulse when you have a “bad” feeling? If you’re like me, it’s usually to suppress it. But we all know that doesn’t work. What you focus on sticks around. It becomes your entire focus. Worse than before. The Welcoming Prayer bring the centering practice practice of neither reacting to thoughts nor resisting them into stressful moments during the day. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Get Outdoors More This Summer

You can add serenity to your life and connect more closely with God’s creation by getting little doses of nature whenever you can; and then, once in a while, really break away for a restorative vacation. Here are 5 ways of getting back to nature. [Read more…]

What Are You Giving Up for Lent?

Here’s my Lenten challenge to you: Make a commitment to abstain from something you may have a compulsive relationship with starting Ash Wednesday and continuing for the duration of Lent until Easter. Not the rest of your life. Just about six weeks. You might discover you like your life better without it. [Read more…]

Struggling with resolutions doesn’t mean you’re failing, just human

I haven’t been doing my exercise, but does that mean I’m a bad person? Does it mean I’ve failed? No, it means I’m human. New Year’s is the biggest swearing-off ritual around. But all too often the best intentions come up against habit, craving, temptation or just fatigue, the abstainer slips, and then they feel like a failure. Sometimes the self-criticism blurs into self-hatred feeding a downward spiral that takes them to a worse place than if there had been no resolution in the first place. The missing ingredient is love… [Read more…]

Hostess died a long time ago — a little perspective

Hostess’s Wonder Bread and all its processed preserved pasteurized pastries used to be signs of progress and prosperity — no more, and that’s a good thing. Hostess really died in 1968 — when it was first acquired by a conglomerate — and has gone bankrupt twice already. The recession or union didn’t kill Hostess — healthier diets did. [Read more…]

Tips for dealing with the shorter days of winter

Everyone is affected by the seasons. That’s not a disorder. That’s being human. As the nights grow longer, check out these great tips for dealing with the shorter days of winter. [Read more…]

SAD That DST is Ending

This weekend marks the end of daylight-saving time for the year. (Literally) overnight, most of us will start getting off work to find it already dark. Check out these helpful tips to make the transition smooth and jet lag-free. [Read more…]