Joe Scarborough: “Let Newtown be the hour after which, in the words of the New Testament, we did all we could do to make all things new.”

This morning conservative Republican Joe Scarborough — for whom I have always had great respect — made news when he offered his thoughts on the political issues related to the Sandy Hook tragedy, and for the moment, I can’t improve on them. Please watch the video and read excerpts here. [Read more…]

Will we finally have a national conversation about guns because of the the Newtown school shooting?

Spiritual leaders can offer a distinct perspective on the Newtown shootings, free from the political framing. To start, we can say, simply: This is not OK. We cannot dismiss incidents like this as a cost of freedom. The human suffering is not acceptable. [Read more…]

PETA’s misleading propaganda war against Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit

PETA has decided to make an example of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit in a publicity campaign to end all use of animals in films. As best I can tell, their case against The Hobbit is thin at best, more likely intentionally deceptive. [Read more…]

The Salvation Army has lost my dollar in the kettle

Already under criticism for its position on homosexuality both internally and politically, the Salvation Army has crossed another line by celebrating anti-Obama propagandist Dinesh D’Souza, and lost my dollar in the kettle. [Read more…]

Forming a More Perfect Union — Navigating political and religious differences at holiday gatherings

As families gather around the table or share letters and cards this holiday season, many will struggle with big political and religious differences. Here are some thoughts about getting through it and being a source of healing in your family. [Read more…]

Learning civil discourse from William F. Buckley and my dad

My atheist dad introduced me to Catholic William F. Buckley through TV, and they were alike in many ways. I’m forever grateful that they taught me the value of civil discourse, of respecting those with whom you disagree and enjoying a good conversation with them. [Read more…]

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Hope for civility in New Hampshire and Maine

With the ouster of the Tea Party in New Hampshire and Maine after two years, Northern New England has repudiated the politics of fear, anger and exclusion, giving me hope that it may again be an example to the nation of how politics can and should be done — grassroots-driven, open-minded, civil. [Read more…]

A plea to the right, from Rachel Maddow and me

What Rachel Maddow expresses hope for, that this will be a wake-up call for the Republicans and could result in more balanced government, is something that I also pray for. If there was a vibrant competition of good ideas, not parliamentary game playing and grandstanding, the result would be better legislation. I see a few hopeful signs, but we will soon see. [Read more…]

We Are All Purple: The Destructive Lie of Red States and Blue States — UPDATED 2012 MAPS

UPDATED 2012 MAPS–There is so much suggested and influenced by the shorthand terms “red state” and “blue state”: the ideological hardening of “right” and “left,” distortions in our electoral process, and further distortions caused by the way news agencies report on it. You get the impression you must choose a camp. Are you red or blue? Worse, it sets up the other color as an opposite, with no overlap. It sets up people who have chosen the other camp as Other, creating division and weakening our sense of oneness with other people and the world around us. If I’m “red,” is someone in a “blue state” my neighbor? [Read more…]

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Don’t believe the meme that there’s no difference — this is a key presidential election

This idea that it doesn’t matter if you vote or who you vote for because there’s no meaningful difference between the major party candidates has been a meme on the far left since before the word meme existed. Of all the elections in modern American politics, this is one of the few where that stance is not only wrong, but irresponsible. I know you hear that every time, but occasionally it’s actually true. [Read more…]