5 Ways to Get Outdoors More This Summer

© 2013 Phil Fox RoseView from a hike just an hour's train ride from New York City. Panorama photo from Breakneck Ridge outside Cold Spring, NY.

You can add serenity to your life and connect more closely with God’s creation by getting little doses of nature whenever you can; and then, once in a while, really break away for a restorative vacation. Here are 5 ways of getting back to nature. [Read more...]

The Work of His Hands: A reflection on Psalm 19:2

© 2013 Phil Fox Rose -- Deadly nightshade, Central Park, NYC

Today’s daily meditation in Living Faith on Psalm 19 is one of mine: “the firmament proclaims his handiwork.” Read my reflection on encountering God in nature. This coming spring weekend, you can be certain I’ll be outdoors encountering God’s handiwork. [Read more...]

Starting Anew

© 2010 Phil Fox Rose Snowdrops in Central Park -- the first wildflower to appear around here each year

The vernal equinox and the Persian/Iranian New Year Nowrooz are today (March 20) and, where I live in the American Northeast, the annual cycle of natural rebirth is starting to Spring into high gear. This is the time of Easter and Passover too. Christianity offers us the opportunity to start anew — demands it of us! Whether it’s a full blown conversion, an annual renewal along with the rest of the church community at Easter, or an individual act of confession and rededication at any time, Christians have many ways to turn around (con-vert) and get back on the path at any time. My own life has been shaped by several conversions… [Read more...]

Tips for dealing with the shorter days of winter

Nor'easter snowstorm in New York City on November 7, 2012, a week after tropical hurricane Sandy (c) 2012 Phil Fox Rose

Everyone is affected by the seasons. That’s not a disorder. That’s being human. As the nights grow longer, check out these great tips for dealing with the shorter days of winter. [Read more...]

How Sweet to Do Nothing


Our new level of connectedness is a wonderful thing — perhaps the greatest blessing technology has brought us. But it has created a new problem. In this hyper-connected world, time in which you can do nothing is rare. Despite how highly I value and seek out serenity, I am linked continuously to my workplace and other obligations, so it’s all too easy to feel pressured by the things I could be doing. I want to talk with you about doing nothing. [Read more...]