From Dinner Church to Neighborhood Hub, Building Community Through Working Side by Side

Working side by side making a meal, breaking bread, eating and sharing conversation around the dinner table, then cleaning up together creates community in a very real way. You get to know about each other, but there’s something much more profound going on. Deeply connected to the Judeo-Christian tradition is the idea of the sacred [Read More…]

Leading song without written lyrics

Music That Makes Community teaches congregational song leaders how to work without hymnals, printed music or projected lyrics. I know firsthand that you’re more able to be fully present, to look around you at the other congregants; singing becomes even more communal. The next workshop is this weekend in New York. [Read more…]

Dinner — and the gospel

My church is the subject of a fantastic article, “Dinner — and the gospel — is served, at St. Lydia’s” by Ansley Roan in Duke Divinity’s publication Faith & Leadership. Volunteer cooks arrive at the Brooklyn Zen Center around 6 p.m. on Sunday nights. A chalkboard sign, the kind that might advertise a restaurant’s nightly [Read More…]

Making and sharing a meal for 36 — with recipes

Sharing a meal together is so entwined with Christian fellowship as to be inseparable — we have some hermits, but even our monastic tradition is mostly about hospitality and community. When I visit a monastery, we come together as a community for two activities: chanting the Hours and meals — singing together and eating together. I’m grateful to be able to do that every week. Recipes and photos included. [Read more…]

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A short video about St. Lydia’s in Brooklyn NY

Here’s a short video about my church, St. Lydia’s, in Brooklyn, NY, where I am congregant, sometime worship leader and sometime lead cook (we make dinner every week). The video is by the wonderful and talented folks at StoryKeep, and though there’s so much more I’d like to tell you about St. Lydia’s and so much more of me I wish there was in the video :-) I think it really captures the spirit of what we do. [Read more…]