Re: The Busy Trap

This plague of busyness is a First World problem in the extreme. Living a less materialistic life may seem like a radical idea for advanced spiritual types, but that’s only because it’s so out of step with our prevailing culture today. In the future, folks will wonder why we burnt ourselves out like this. [Read more…]

CNN’s bungling is a lesson on false urgency

Very few things are actually important to know in real time. Some things are fun to know in real time, like live sports or reality shows, but it is rare that our knowing something sooner makes a difference. CNN’s fumbling on the health care decision is a lesson in false urgency we can learn from. [Read more…]

How Sweet to Do Nothing

Our new level of connectedness is a wonderful thing — perhaps the greatest blessing technology has brought us. But it has created a new problem. In this hyper-connected world, time in which you can do nothing is rare. Despite how highly I value and seek out serenity, I am linked continuously to my workplace and other obligations, so it’s all too easy to feel pressured by the things I could be doing. I want to talk with you about doing nothing. [Read more…]