Ronald Rolheiser’s Sacred Fire: A Challenge for Deeper Spiritual Maturity

Ronald Rolheiser's Sacred Fire

Most books about the spiritual journey focus on the first steps — on awakening to an awareness that there’s more going on than your own limited perspective and tuning in to the divine in and around you. Sacred Fire assumes the reader has already made headway in these areas and looks instead at what Ronald [Read More...]

The Serenity Prayer


“God, grant me the serenity…” Recited by people of faith and seekers alike, the Serenity Prayer is part of our culture. But it can become meaningless through repetition. So I want to share this wonderful spiritual tool with those who don’t know it, and encourage those who say it regularly to take a moment and look at it fresh. If you can follow this prayer, you are a long way towards living rightly. [Read more...]

6 Tools to Maintain Your Spiritual Condition

(c) 2006 Phil Fox Rose

Here are 6 spiritual tools to help you maintain your spiritual fitness in the face of life’s many challenges and distractions. [Read more...]