Faith and the 'Right' to Health Care

It will be interesting to see how constituents respond as Congresspersons go home during the August recess.  Here is one set of three videos illustrating constituent responses.  I’m sure there will be videos released by both sides trying to shape public opinion of that reception. Again one must wonder about the language of the ‘right’ [Read More…]

Morning Report, August 3: Christians Killed in Pakistan, Perinatal Hospice, Single-Payer, and the Michael Jackson and Sarah Palin Dramas Continue

NOTE: The Morning Reports have been growing too long, in my estimation, so I will offer the links with fewer comments. This will not only make the Morning Reports more manageable to read, but will leave me with more time for other blog entries. So, without further ado: 1.  We have some great articles up [Read More…]

Sunday Funnies (and Inspiration)

I’m beginning a new feature today: Sunday Funnies (and Inspiration).  These will be cartoons or videos.  I may actually post these on Saturday night, so that I can honor the Sabbath, but you can enjoy them on Sunday. Leading off, a video from The Onion, dating back to the campaign days, but relevant to us: [Read More…]

Perhaps "Clunkers" Flunks the Reason Test After All

A dissenting view on the “Cash for Clunkers” program.  Perhaps I was overstating the case when I said that many conservatives support the program. Ed Markey writes at the Huffington Post that the “Cash for Clunkers” program shows that green economy initiatives are good for the economy.  This is a bit of a stretch, I [Read More…]

Morning Report, Weekend Edition: Is Cash for Clunkers Clunked? Are Obama's Numbers Tanking? Is Our Health Care Free? Does McCain Regret Palin?

1.  Cash for Clunkers, probably the best plank in the economic recovery platform (one conservatives have favored from the start), is dissolving into chaos because far more people than anticipated have taken the government up on the deal.  Senator Schumer is recommending more funds for the program.  He’s right.  The Chinese had a program where [Read More…]