Has America Lost the Protestant Work Ethic?

I was staggering around the internet this afternoon and came across this video of me asking Dr Peter Berger (famed sociologist of religion) a question at the Faith Angle Forum in Miami, Florida, in November 2011.  Since there was no Faith Angle Forum this Fall, I am left to drink a little wine and watch [Read More…]

Does God Bless Nations?

My friend and fellow Patheos blogger David French had some good words for July 4th — or July 5th, for that matter: Give thanks. Give thanks for God’s unmerited grace. Give thanks for the sacrifice and character of generations before you. Give thanks for the gift of a nation so prosperous that even our poor [Read More…]

Were those who celebrated bin Laden's death like those who celebrated the 9/11 atrocity?

Imagine that some righteous German, a man very much like Bonhoeffer, had managed to kill Adolf Hitler a few years earlier than he actually died, and thus prevented the death of millions of soldiers and innocents.  Would that have been cause for celebration? I am beginning a periodic series called With Distinction, in which I [Read More…]

Why the Church (As Such) Should Not Support the Tea Party

I think it’s fair to say that I have defended the Tea Party movement pretty thoroughly against what I consider unfair criticisms and caricatures in the mainstream media. I have defended the movement against allegations that it is racist and un-Christian.  I have argued that it is, in some ways, akin to a social justice [Read More…]

Scot McKnight on the Nature of "National Idolatry"

Building on a recent post, I sent the following question to a number of Christian bloggers and writers: The “Restoring Honor” rally has sparked a conversation on whether American evangelicalism is guilty of America-worship.  So, when does patriotism pass over into idolatry?  What marks the difference between loving, honoring and worshiping America? Scot McKnight, a [Read More…]