‘Noah’: To See or Not to See

by Galen Dalrymple The movie, Noah, is scheduled to be released nationwide on March 28. It has already generated a great deal of controversy among both Christians and non-Christians. Panned (in advance) by some as being unfaithful to the Biblical narrative, Paramount Pictures has released this statement to accompany the film: “The film is inspired by the story [Read More…]

Could the Church Today Spark a New Renaissance?

I grew up with a seven-foot print of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, from the Sistine Chapel, on the wall above my bed.  I read Irving Stone’s The Agony and the Ecstasy, a novelized version of Michelangelo’s life, twice in high school and once again in college.  I read deeply on Leonardo Da Vinci, both for his [Read More…]

What’s the Difference Between Art and Propaganda?

Daniel Siedell observes in “Art and Culture: Or, Politics by Another Means — Evangelical Style“: Evangelical participation in the arts and culture is, on the whole, graceless. It is characterized by an excruciatingly puritanical preoccupation with four-letter words and nudity, turning films, novels, and even paintings (although rarely) into means for political ends, presuming that [Read More…]