The Second Creation of Jesus Christ: Interview with Frank Viola Part 2


Yesterday I posted the first part of my interview with Frank Viola about his new book, coauthored with Leonard Sweet, called Jesus: A Theography. Frank blogs for Patheos, and the book has received a strongly positive response. Interested readers can get a free copy of Frank’s next book by going here, and they can learn more [Read More...]

Bethlehem Was Not the Beginning: An Interview with Frank Viola


One of the pleasures of my role at Patheos is getting to know our excellent bloggers, many of whom are book authors as well. We recently added Frank Viola, and Frank’s Jesus: A Theography (coauthored with Leonard Sweet) is really making waves. It received a coveted starred review in Publishers Weekly. Rick Warren made it a featured [Read More...]

Harvard’s Pastor: “It Does Not Matter if Christianity is True…”


Jonathan Walton has some giant shoes to fill.  The new Pusey Minister at Harvard’s Memorial Church, and the Plummer Professor of Christian Morals in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, he is stepping into the dual role formerly occupied by the dearly departed Peter Gomes.  At Harvard, Gomes was a veritable institution unto himself.  The [Read More...]

Did Jesus Really Exist?


If you’re not familiar with it, the “Jesus Myth” hypothesis suggests that Jesus of Nazareth never existed, or at least the Jesus described in the New Testament never existed, but his story was composed as a kind of pastiche with bits and pieces from other legends and myths. It’s a silly hypothesis, really, but don’t [Read More...]

Were the Gospels Based on Eyewitness Accounts?

It’s a critically important question for every Christian to consider — and the video below, addressing this question, is called by John Piper “the most remarkable (video) lecture on the reliability of the Gospels I’ve ever heard.”  (HT Denny Burk) Curious yet?  When young Christians study the Bible in the context of modern biblical scholarship [Read More...]