The Online Slime-Fest

In the early months of 2009, I spent many hundreds of hours inside the hulking Widener Library, working on my doctoral dissertation and pausing periodically to look at the snow outside blanketing the Harvard campus and ponder the future.  I probably had a successful academic career ahead of me, if I wanted it.  The pathos [Read More…]

Megablogger Tim Challies On His Ten-Year Anniversary

A hearty congratulations are due to Tim Challies for ten years of excellent blogging.  His is one of the longest-surviving blogs in the Christian blogosphere, and his faithfulness, his sincerity, and his God-given talent have paid off with tremendous growth and impact. It all began with a minute, inconspicuous decision to register a domain name [Read More…]

The Indignation Industry, or the Art of Blogging Controversies

I think we bloggers and writers of online content generally need to confess to something.  We often have mixed motives — or we face a complex set of competing incentives — when it comes to potentially controversial material. I was reminded of this by Christian sociologist Jenell Paris — author of The End of Sexual [Read More…]