Breakfast Links: Women & Swing States, Finger Pointing, Supremes and ID Laws, 47% Problems, Town Halls, Found Wanting

BREAKFAST LINKS: Susan Page: Women Push Romney to Lead in Swing States (Gallup/USA Today Poll) Scott Conroy: Town Hall Format Could Pose Challenge for Romney Greg Sargent: Romney’s 47 Percent Problem Peter Morici: Economy, Debates Reveal Obama, Biden Haven’t Got What It Takes Howard Fineman: Where to Point the Finger if Obama Loses Adam Liptak: [Read More…]

Breakfast Links: Libya Denial, President Screwtape, Romney and Cults

BREAKFAST LINKS: Dan Balz: A Critical Week in America Andrew McCarthy at NRO: Denying the Libya Scandal Fabulous Felix: Faster Than Sound Pakistanis Rally for Girl Who Was Shot Isaac Sharp: Screwtape for President Paul de Vries: Why Pray When You Can Worry About Election Day Nick Hahn at RCR: When Hulkamania Runs a Little Too Wild Another Ridiculous Attempt [Read More…]

Breakfast Links: Libya, Day of the Girl, Surges, Debates, Incest

BREAKFAST LINKS: Mark Thiessen: The Real Scandal About Libya Bloomberg: Please stop marrying children George Will: Obama’s Selective Defense of the Constitution Romney’s Surge and the Pro-Obama Press: For the past several months the pro-Obama press — which is most of it — has been portraying Romney in the harshest possible light. The standard account depicts him as [Read More…]