Is it Bigotry to Oppose a Candidate on Religious Grounds? – Romney and Evangelicals, Pt. 1

If you believe that a set of religious beliefs is fundamentally mistaken, even detrimental to the eternal fate of its adherents, does this make you a bigot?  Are you a bigot if you believe that people who hold to this set of religious beliefs are less desirable as potential Presidents? Romney, Evangelicals and Bigotry I [Read More…]

More on the Wages of Spin

I published a column today called The Wages of Spin.  It addresses the question of whether the Obama administration has suffered its loss of public confidence due to a poor product (its legislative initiatives) or a poor sales pitch (the public relations effort explaining those initiatives and the (ostensibly) manifold ways in which they benefit [Read More…]

In Defense of Obstructionism

When Rush Limbaugh declared, shortly after the election, “I want Obama to fail,” he received a righteous round of condemnation from many people, Left and otherwise.  In a moment of financial peril, some said, in the midst of two wars, we should all hope that President Obama succeeds.  We should all help him to succeed.  [Read More…]

What is the Place of a "Faith-Based Initiatives" Office?

Mollie Hemingway has an interesting post at GetReligion, on the different ways in which the Bush and Obama administrations have used their offices of faith-based initiatives, and the different ways in which the members of the press have responded.  She comments on how unresponsive the office under (Obama appointee) Joshua DuBois has been to external [Read More…]