God of Glory, God of Wounds

A Christian Reflects on the Incarnation By Peter Wehner As a person of the Christian faith, obviously I find Advent to be a significant time, a time worth reflecting upon. And in reflecting on not just the birth but the life of Jesus, I’m often struck by just how difficult it is for many of [Read More…]

Christmas, Americans and the Virgin Birth

A guest post from Mark Tooley, President of the Institute on Religion and Democracy: A new poll by Pew Research, just in time for Christmas, shows 73 percent of Americans believe in Jesus’ virgin birth by His mother Mary. Even 32 percent of the self-professed religiously unaffiliated said they believe.  White evangelicals were the most [Read More…]

Why Linus Preaches the Gospel on National Television Every Year

I haven’t been able to post as frequently over the holidays, but hope to return to regular posting next week.  In the meantime, I can continue to point toward some of the most interesting content elsewhere.  Here is Joel J. Miller: “This was the first Charlie Brown TV special. It could have been the last. [Read More…]

Breakfast Links for Christmas Day, 12/15/12: A Christmas Warning; The Gift of Christmas; Why Christmas Matters

BREAKFAST LINKS 12/25/12: Tim Dalrymple, Patheos/Philosophical Fragments: “Yet God was not compelled to do any of this. God Himself is the author and arbiter of all the rules. There is no higher authority above God that forces him to follow regulations or fulfill requirements. God might have annihilated humankind and started over; God might have changed the [Read More…]

Why Christmas Matters

There are now, and long have been, two variations on the Christmas theme. There is the version in which Christmas is a largely commercial enterprise. At its best, this version of Christmas is an exercise in generosity, a celebration of the goodness of created things, and an opportunity to turn away from professional pursuits and [Read More…]