A Tatooine Voter Objects to the Lightsaber Control Act

To the Most Esteemed Senator Upufasa, Thank you sincerely for sending your regular Upufasa Updates.  I enjoy watching them on my HoloTable and keeping abreast of your work in the Galactic Senate.  Life as a moisture farmer is not exactly a thrill a minute, so it helps when I take my mind off Tatooine and [Read More…]

Dora the Explorer Humor

With one daughter about to turn 4, and another about to turn 1, I’ve seen every single episode of Dora the Explorer (well, I haven’t seen the new gymnastics episode yet, although I gather from the commercials she actually does rhythmic gymnastics, which is slightly bizarre) many times over and I expect to see them [Read More…]

How Different Denominations See Each Other

A little light weekend fare: This comes from a very interesting site, Thomas the Doubter, and thanks to Erik Hanson for pointing it out. [Read more…]

Jesus and Harry Potter

Note: the following is a parody of sorts, having a little fun with the fear in some quarters that Harry Potter should lead children toward the occult. It’s grown fashionable in recent years to write books — silly ones like Jesus Potter, Harry Christ, or God and Harry at Yale — that piggy-back on the [Read More…]

Benny Hinn, Dark Lord of the Sith

I’m sure some have seen this already, but this is what Benny Hinn looks like without the special effects.  Apparently those who edited the videos would edit out the light saber, so we would not know that he was a servant of the dark side. Thanks to Patheos columnist David French for forwarding this via [Read More…]