Yes, I'm Questioning Your Patriotism

Update: Thanks to Hot Air and Instapundit for the links!  Please subscribe or follow on Facebook or Twitter! When “Don’t question my patriotism!” became the imperative of choice for the stylish liberal in the run-up to the 2004 election, I was a doctoral student at Harvard.  The very same faculty who spent half their time indicting [Read More…]

Scot McKnight on the Nature of "National Idolatry"

Building on a recent post, I sent the following question to a number of Christian bloggers and writers: The “Restoring Honor” rally has sparked a conversation on whether American evangelicalism is guilty of America-worship.  So, when does patriotism pass over into idolatry?  What marks the difference between loving, honoring and worshiping America? Scot McKnight, a [Read More…]