Daily Fragments: Art, the Philosopher of Death, Dementia, Tentmaking and Hidden Wonders

Daily Fragments for 10/15/2012: Quotations — The “Toxic Lie” of Dementia:  “I believe that I am much more than just my brain structure and function, which is declining daily. My creation in the divine image is as a soul capable of love, sacrifice and hope, not as a perfect human being, in mind or body.” [Read More…]

Daily Fragments: Botox, Superman Verse, Kidney Tests, Einstein, and the “Piss Christ”

Daily Fragments for 10/12/2012: Quotations The Parable of Botox: “Why, for example, did I presume to find fault with a woman getting Botox injections in her forehead yet think it was acceptable to pluck the hairs from my own face that threatened to create a caterpillar-like unibrow?” Philippians 4:13 – the Superman Verse: “The ‘superman’ [Read More…]

Daily Fragments: Encouragement, the Power of Labels, Corporate Responsbility, Understanding Faith

Daily Fragments for 10/11/2012: Quotations Sausages, Pancakes and Encouragement: “Fussing. That’s what he did. He fussed over Mama. In a good way. In that way of people who love their jobs and love the people they serve.” The Danger of Sexual Labeling: “These labels we give each other take all the nuances that are our [Read More…]

Daily Fragments: Touring Slums, Black Swans, Facebook and Big Bird

Daily Fragments for 10/10/2012: Quotations The Moral Hazard of Slum Tourism: “I felt as if I were intruding into a sacred place…a place that I knew nothing about.  And I was ashamed, as if we were making a spectacle of these people… Try as I might to be unintrusive, though, I felt that I was [Read More…]

Daily Fragments: Excellence, Slavery, UFO’s, Super-Spies and Pothead Pets

Daily Fragments for 10/09/2012: Quotations Excellence Has Become a Dirty Word!: “I’ve said it for years: With socialism, excellence is always set aside for shared mediocrity. The idea appears to be that since it’s hard to achieve excellence for everyone, it simply should not be attempted; everyone should be satisfied with something lesser.” The Destruction [Read More…]